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Mazyar rez
Mazyar rez

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The most important feature of komodo

In your opinion what is the most important and high tech feature of komodo ecosystem?

Bounty program

Any body knows when bounty program will be concluded?

Industry News

Hbar or hedera hashgraph

What is hedera hashgraph ? If it is not blockchain why it is on binance ? 

Komodo trading

I think this portal needs a section for talk about trading ideas of kmd

Komodo price actions

Komodo doesn't have hype around it similar projects like Link! I think komodo needs better price actions for its adoption in crypto space

Komodo on exchanges

I think komodo needs more exchange listings . should be easy to everyone to buy kmd .

Komodo AtomicDEX Mobile wallet feedback

In my opinion Komodo needs a better wallet for mobile. The UX and UI isn't that good and user don't feel like it is a premium app.

I think komodo doing great lately and expanding its community is great but in my opinion komodo needs more partnership ... real world use case and business models

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