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John R
John R Ambassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

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John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Digital Democracy and Freedom

As one of your Ambassadors I am occasionally contacted regarding Komodo. 

This happened a few days ago when I was offered the chance to talk about Komodo and tools in the Digital Democracy space.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I don't know much of what is happening in that area.

The first thing that jumped to mind on hearing Digital Democracy was 'Vote!' and the specific technologies we have relating to that. Thinking that there must be more I started to ask around. 

I reached out to people, some of the various projects in our Ecosystem and projects based on the Komodo Platform. In no particular order I got in touch with Hush, Marmara Credit Loops, Verus, RedFOX Labs, Pirate Chain and KMDLabs.

Visiting these projects, each with their own goals, motivations and beliefs, brought me back to thinking of what we are really building and offering here at Komodo. To me this comes down to two things.

Freedom and empowerment.

Maybe you don't like something that is being done or maybe you have a revolutionary idea. The years of effort made by contributors from all around the world have put the power to make change and the tools to create into your hands, and into the hands of people from all walks of life.

I saw a great example of this today.

Two projects based on Komodo, each having very admirable but different focuses, worked together in searching for answers that would benefit all.  They discussed ideas and how their projects and technology could provide solutions to a problem.  It was synergy in action.
(Komodo Discord, #ask-jl777, starting here)

By building this open-source platform, along with the very powerful tools it contains, Komodo empowers users and developers. And they don't need Komodo's involvement to make this real. They can freely take what is being given and do as they please.

This is the freedom Komodo gives.

More than any specific technology I see this freedom and empowerment as Komodo's greatest contribution to the cause of Digital Democracy.  You now have the tools and platform to put your own ideas and systems in to practice and to use or test and develop the technologies they rely upon.

How do you see things?

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Digital Democracy - What tools does Komodo offer?

I would like to hear your thoughts about the tools that Komodo has or can provide towards Digital Democracy.

Digital Democracy seems something worthy that many of us here would like to support.

What do we as Komodo and its Ecosystem offer, both specifically and in general?  

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Ambassador's Report - March 2020

Tokyo, Japan
March 2020

It has been busy two months since the last update from Tokyo.  Mid-February saw many events being attended with plans for a similar level of activity over the following two months.  There were many large blockchain and crypto related conferences and events scheduled for an extremely busy spring.


Unfortunately world events conspired against this and all of the major events were cancelled.  The upside of this is that more time has been available to build upon existing relationships and re-evaluate strategies and tactics while turning focus towards online activities.    


Best wishes to the Komodo community on getting through the extraordinary recent events and many thanks for your support.

Here are some of the events, conferences and meetups that Komodo has attended in Tokyo since February 2020.  During this period I also had a few meetings, representing Komodo, and managed to gain some valuable contacts.


Feel free to ask for further information. 

5 FebTokyo FinTech - Bitcoin
12 FebCoin Spice - event
13 FebCryptoloc Technology - event
15 FebTokyo Metropolitan Govt subsidies - presentation
18 FebRegulation & Taxation of PoS - presentation
19 FebBitcoin. com - event
21 FebLibra & Crypto - meetup
11 MarCyber Security Summit
11 MarCrypto - meetup
18 MarCrypto - meetup
21 MarTokyo Holochain - presentation
John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Interested in testing out Komodo? Wonder what solutions Komodo can offer you?

Would you, your project or your business be interested in testing out areas of Komodo that you might like to use?

Do you have a problem and wonder how you could solve it with Komodo?

Feel free to ask about it here.

You are also welcome to get in touch privately.


John R

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Ask you Notary Node related questions

With the Komodo Notary Node elections coming up maybe some of you have some question on the network, being a NN operator, or other things related.

This is the place you can ask!

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Great podcast with Seth Astrada from and Komodo's Business Dev, Jason Brown.

A very informative podcast with Seth Astrada from and Komodo's Business Dev @Jason Brown. I was there, too. 
The longer format gave time for a deeper look into Komodo's history, current direction and some of the technology, with a few good stories thrown in.



John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Selamat datang di Indonesia! Welcome Indonesia!

It's great to see so many from Indonesia joining the Komodo Portal!  Thank you for showing such an interest and asking so many questions.

Komodo is an open-source project, meaning that it is free for anyone, anywhere, to build on and use. This can be seen in out Vision and Mission Statement and, more importantly, through our actions.

The Komodo Vision

Komodo’s vision is an open and free internet with thousands of application-specific blockchains working in unison to perform complex business functions in a decentralized and trustless manner, all while maintaining a spirit of collaboration and cooperation in the blockchain space.

The Komodo Mission

Komodo is committed to accelerating global blockchain adoption through a composable multi-chain architecture, an open platform model, and a business-friendly ecosystem that allows developers, startups, and enterprise alike to prosper with customized blockchain solutions.

You are invited to participate in Komodo, alongside of people from all over the world, and contribute in any way you like.  It would be great to have you involved!

If anyone has an interest in building up the Komodo Community in Indonesia there are many here who would be very happy to help.

Please get in touch!

@Febry Juliansyah @Oggy ramadhan @M Tegar Pratama Yuliansyah @akbar tangguh burhamsyah @Dian Adriani @MUHAMMAD ABDUSSALAM AL JAWI @Syahrul Ramdhan @Reshiki @and_everyone_else!

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Atomic Swap & Decentralized Exchange Presentation

Tokyo FinTech - Tokyo, Japan
15 Jan 2020

Tokyo Fintech held an Open Mic event on the 15th of January this year.  This group holds regular meetings in Tokyo and attracts Japan-based and international FinTech professionals along with people and projects interested in the field.

When the opportunity arose I put up my hand and offered to speak.  Since there is so much to Komodo and time was limited it was suggested that focusing on Atomic Swaps and Decentralized Exchanges would interest and benefit the audience.

Open Mic - Tokyo FinTech
Open Mic - Tokyo FinTech

Since the audience would have such a varied knowledge of the subject the presentation focused on the basics.  After the presentation there was an off camera, off the record Q&A session.  The Tokyo FinTech audience is known for asking tough and detailed question and this night was no exception. After the presentations were finished there was a networking session and the chance for further, more technical and practical, questions.

This event was a constructive way to improve and prepare for larger presentations. A number of follow-on inquiries and contacts were also some of the things to come out of the event.

Many thanks to Tokyo FinTech for the forum to speak and learn! 

Download Slide  Deck

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Ambassador's Report

Tokyo, Japan
January 2020

It has been an honor to act as one of your Komodo representatives for the last six months. You have given me the chance to have many interesting experiences, meet people who I would have never otherwise have met and to learn so much.

Starting as Ambassador I was surprised to find that outside of the Privacy Summit 2.0, where Komodo was still thought of as a 'Privacy Coin', very close to no one had heard of us.  This 'no one' includes knowledgeable people who work in crypto.

I believe that our project could use your help.  If you were to think of one thing that you could do to help Komodo and then just try it, put your idea into action, the results would add up to something truly impressive.

In my case, through attending, participating in and helping at various events, and through other activities, knowledge of Komodo has been noticeably spreading.  People are starting to refer to me as 'from Komodo' and explaining a little of what we are about when they introduce me to new contacts. It has taken a bit of time and effort to reach this point and there is a very long way to go, with a lot to learn, but the results are clear. This is a good path.

I have found this to be true in the online world as well.  I have seen measurable results that stem from putting in thought, time and effort.  People are now contacting me (Komodo) through others I have been in contact with online and with various types of online effort.

You don't have to be an extrovert or fast talking sales type to do this kind of thing.  I'm not.  You can just think of an area where you can put your skills to use and then apply them. You can learn, practice and improve anything else you need.

There is a great demand for the technology Komodo has, and that demand is unfilled by other projects.  With the help of your actions, large or small, I think that we can meet those needs and help a vast number of people and projects create what they want.

And of all of the things I have explained to people about what Komodo is or does this has been, by far, the most admired.  Admired by a very wide variety of people.  Serious privacy advocates, crypto dreamers and investors, corporate types and even the crazys have had respect for that.  When they understand that we are building the tools and platform that anyone can use to build whatever they like, with or without us, they start to see that this is bigger than most of us think.

You can do something to further this. 

Here are some of the events, conferences and meetups that Komodo has attended in Tokyo since August 2019.  Some of these events have separate write ups.

Feel free to ask for information on any of them.

29 AugDigital Asset Conference Tokyo
20 SepFinTech Innovation with Pieter Franken
3 OctThe Intelligent Insurer
5 OctUnblock Tokyo
13-14 OctTokyo Privacy 2.0 Summit
15 OctPegaSys: Protocols Matter & Tokeny: STOs
16 OctLiquid .com / BCH dinner
24 OctLiquid .com / Tezos Meetup
30 OctKnowledge Graphs Presentation
30 OctHoneyPoints Launch Party
5 NovTokyo Community Summit
9 NovRakuten Technology Conference
12 NovStartups x Venture Capitalists
21 NovFintech Venture Capital
26 NovTokyo Libra Blockchain Meetup
29 NovDemo Day - Le Wagon Tokyo Coding Bootcamp
2 DecBroader Horizons - Space with Astroscale & Celestialdata
5 DecFutureProof: The Coming Age of Proof-of-Stake
12 DecShark Tank: The Future of Asset Management
8 JanBitcoin for Absolute Beginners
15 JanOpen Pitch Night
21 JanTezos and STO update - Ryan Lackey
22 JanPlug & Play Japan Showcase
29 JanCrypto Forensics with Elliptic
30 JanStartup Pitch Night
various crypto meetups 
John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Startups X Venture Capitalists

Tokyo Tech Startups - Tokyo, Japan

12 Nov 2019

Startups X Venture Capitalists had five projects giving ten minute pitches to a large crowd that included local and international VCs.

Startups x Venture Capitalists - Tokyo, Japan
Startups x Venture Capitalists - Tokyo, Japan

Three of the projects had previously received funding and had very professional presentations.  At least one of the projects received funding after their presentation that night.

A previous receiver of VC funding kindly allowed the use of their office lounge for the event.
A previous receiver of VC funding kindly allowed the use of their office lounge for the event.

This event gave some great insight into the world of Venture Capitalism. It was very useful to see such high quality presentations first hand. Also a good opportunity to meet some very interesting people.  From this, Komodo was given tickets to an upcoming tech conference that would have been very difficult to obtain.