How to protect yourself and beloved ones naturally from Corona Virus

Vitamin C and Corona
Vitamin C and Corona

I wish a healthy life to Komodo Community members and the humanity. My old friend from New Zealand sent me something about protecting yourself from Corona Virus. Let me translate and add someting into it. 

Let me tell you a story leaked from the Chinese, they would recommend pure vitamin C to help prevent the outbreak in Italy. They say that tablet C vitamins sold in pharmacies are damaged by other chemicals in contact with air. So I went to a natural care clinic 10 years ago, they recommended me to take Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), which was sold in white powder, because I had pain in my arm, I have been drinking two large glasses of filtered water in the mornings for a long time. I mix 4 teaspoons of this powdered ascorbic acid, I drink it by pouring water, I have not had a disease called flu for the last 10 years. Here, family doctors encourage people to get flu vaccines, especially for the elderly, for free, I have never received these vaccines, I do not. Now if I tweet this news, there may be no ascorbic acid in the market as we have seen in Cologne... 


We have almost 4 seasons in Turkey in proper periods. And during winter, most of the food comes very rich in Vitamin C such as lemons, oranges, spinach etc. You can get Vitamin C naturally from these winter food. We also consuted a medical doctor in our university. His suggestion is to take pure lemon juice and lots of water Daily. He gave this reason: "Corona virus is digested and killed in stomach but go active in lungs.". 

Wish you a healthy life! 

P.S. This research article also supports my friend.