Hi Everyone,

I'm one of the many candidates running for election for KMD Notary Node operator in the EU region and could really use your support and votes.

You can find my proposal (Node-9) here: (https://github.com/KomodoPlatform/NotaryNodes/tree/master/season4/candidates/node-9). The gist of it is that I will continue to work hard and do my best as a Notary Operator.  It also shows some of the things I have been doing to support Komodo and its Ecosystem.  There is too much to list here.

You can vote by sending your VOTE2020 tokens that were airdropped to all KMD holders.

I would be grateful for your votes.  RCKC2LrT18hymTjajK1BaqxGKV76NnfHTo




Voting / election info: (https://komodoplatform.com/fourth-annual-notary-node-election/)