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Audo Kowitz
Audo Kowitz Komodo Team
Marketing Manager

Discord User ID: 403137719049519106 (Audo#5667)

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The Simple Idea Behind Komodo

Imagine thousands of businesses using a shared blockchain. Whatever upgrade or change the blockchain developers implement would affect all the companies using that blockchain.

Wouldn't it be a far better approach to build multi-chain architecture where each business can have a customized blockchain?

Out of that simple realization, the idea of Komodo  was born in 2015.


Just Learn Komodo Platform with Jason Brown

In this video we discuss Komodo Platform, which is in my opinion one of the most underrated projects in the crypto space!!! Jason Brown is the Head of Business Development.

By Just Learn Crypto Show – Feb 10, 2020

In The Future You Can Create Your Own Stablecoin With Just A Few Clicks Or Commands

What if you could launch your own stablecoin with just a few clicks or commands? The Komodo blockchain wants to make this possible. 

By Justin O'Connell – Feb 10, 2020


Komodo Project Spotlight: Audo

  • Role: Audo is a marketing manager handling many day-to-day tasks within the team. He is especially involved with community-building activities and thinking about the overarching Komodo story and message concepts.
  • Background: Interest in precious metals led to the discovery of Bitcoin and eventually into other blockchains projects. Audo started his Komodo career in 2016 as a community manager and has since then been an active member of the marketing team.
  • Discord ID: Audo#5667 (403137719049519106)


I believe that decentralized software architecture with the spirit of open source development plays a crucial role in creating a free, global, and accessible world. Komodo is one of the few projects which have diverged from the pack and is taking an unorthodox approach instead of following the current trends. Because of that, we say we are pushing the boundaries of the blockchain industry.

None of the countless blockchain applications will be successful until the blockchain technology matures, and the rudimentary architecture is in place. In other words, you have to level the terrain before you can build a house. While others are trying to use the latest technology to construct their "house" on unstable ground, we are here to strengthen the surface so that they can eventually succeed in what they are trying to build.

Meet Komodo, a project that is doing the groundwork for global blockchain adoption. Help us spread the message and join the community.

Feel free to reach out to me in any community or marketing related matters.



Audo Kowitz

Presentation: Benefits And Challenges of Multi-Chain Architecture

Komodo Platform presented in under 15 minutes by Komodo marketing manager Audo Kowitz. The presentation took place in OKEx Cryptour Ukraine 2019 event in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Download the presentation slides.

About the Event

Presented on December 5, 2019. 

We got invited to present Komodo in the OKEx event in Kyiv, Ukraine. There were a decent size crowd and a pleasant atmosphere. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a good foothold in Ukraine.

Contribute & Represent Komodo

We are always ready to help our community present Komodo in a meetup or event. Reach out to us, and we will provide you a presentation template and brief you about our technology offering.

We are an open-source project, so you don't have to get our permission to contribute. For example, our Komodo ambassadors all started promoting Komodo out of passion and then, later on, claimed their more official position.

If an opportunity represents itself don't hesitate, we got your back.

This post is archived because it's no longer valuable or valid.

Discord Channel Structure Proposal

The Komodo Community Portal fills many gaps we have tried to fill with Discord.

The problem has been that content gets lost on Discord, so we have given each topic a channel to make it easier to scroll up and find the relevant messages and pinned posts. The result has been an enormous list of channels that overwhelms any newcomer.

Now that we have the portal, we should take another look at the Discord channel structure and try to find ways to make its use more efficient.

Reasons For Restructuring

  1. We want to encourage the discussion to happen on the portal instead as it provides us with long term benefits.
  2. With fewer channels, we would concentrate the conversation and make the Discord feel more active.
  3. It is hard to stay on-topic in live chat, so why don't we accept that and use few more general channels instead?

Share Your Thoughts

Read the proposal and answer the poll:

  • Yes, I agree we should reduce the number of channels and rethink the structure
  • No, the current Discord structure works, and we should keep it as it is

Share your thoughts below!

1) Read The Proposal 2) Answer The Poll 3) Discuss Below

BCH Developer Funding Plan

Bitcoin Cash has announced an "Infrastructure Funding Plan for Bitcoin Cash."


It is an interesting topic that I think has valid arguments and concerns from both sides. Such a mining fee provides funding for future development, but it does make the project more centralized. Who decides how the funds are used?

On the other hand, are there really any projects that wouldn't be in the hands of a few people? Does the funding mechanism really change anything in terms of who ultimately holds the decision making power? 

However, it is impossible for developers to develop for free for long-term. The current corporate donation mechanism has some significant problems:

Such a decision certainly provides the project with more freedom & flexibility. The corporate funding mechanisms come with their own set of problems, that also tend to centralize decision making.

It is definitely an interesting experiment to drive more value to the BCH project.


Komodo Community Portal Wish List

The Komodo team is pleased to have rolled out the first iteration of the community portal, but this is by no means the final version. We are eager to learn how our community will be using the portal and will optimize the portal based on your feedback. 

In order to help users like you send us good feedback, it’s important that we first talk about the reasons why we launched the portal in the first place.

Portal Objectives

Here are the main goals we want to reach through the use of the portal:

  1. Accelerate community growth by providing more value for the community as a whole and by easing the learning curve for all the newcomers.
  2. Build a culture of peer-to-peer community support and start documenting all the valuable information into a growing knowledge base.
  3. Increase the adoption of Komodo technology by building a stronger open-source developer community. 
  4. Support the growth of the Komodo ecosystem by bridging people and projects closer together.

What you see today is the first iteration of the portal. We are going to add new features and customizations later, based on the feedback and ideas we receive.

Future Customizations

The Komodo team is continuously looking for ways to improve the structure and overall experience. The current features of the portal put limits on what we can do today. Still, the sky's the limit as anything could be added and customized in the long run.

We are considering upgrading the portal to extend its functionality in the future. In the meantime, we will take in all the feedback and ideas we receive and build out a fully customized portal dedicated to the needs and requirements of the Komodo community.

  • Provide feedback from the developer's perspective. As a developer, what is it you require from a community portal? What kind of features make the portal useful to you?
  • Think about the business side of things. How would a portal provide value for an ecosystem project building with Komodo technology?
  • Don’t limit your feedback to small tweaks and fixes. We do want to hear even the most modest ideas, but what we need is you to think big. Let us know what kind of features your ideal portal would have.


Put on your creative hat, assume that anything could be done, and keep the ideas coming.


Komodo Jumps to Top ~50 on CMC


Hello Notary Node Operators

We hope this portal brings you value and functions as an additional arm to the live chat environment of Discord. Please let us know how you would like to use this board, and we can better customize it to your needs.

How to get featured on 'Notary Nodes' board

  1. Post your project announcement to this board using the 'discussion' content type. Tag the post with the 'Notary Operators' topic.
  2. We will feature your project on this board as soon as we can. Remind us on Discord if your post goes unnoticed.

Sharing your project news or update

  1. Use the topic 'News & Updates' on your post. Please only use the topic in your message when the content is newsworthy. Frequent low-quality posts would bury the content of other notary operators.
  2. Remember to add other relevant topics to your post, such as your notary node team name.