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Interview with Komodo Ambassador John Robinson

I had the pleasure to meet John when I was visiting Tokyo in April. We decided to seize the opportunity and film a short interview.

Let me know if we should do more videos like these! It's been fun to... (More)

Komodo's AtomicDex Is Changing The Rules Of The Game

New explainer video: centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and atomic swaps

I'm back with another video :)

It is a bit longer than the previous two, but I hope it's worth watching it. I explain the differences between centralized exchanges (Binance, etc), decentralized smart contract exchanges (like IDEX), smart contract-based instant... (More)

EXPLAINER VIDEO: Komodo’s Antara Modules vs smart contracts

Do you know what’s the difference between Komodo’s Antara Modules and smart contracts on other platforms like Ethereum?

Let me help you :)

Feedback is much welcome! (I know the audio is not 100% perfect, working on it next time.)