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Support & Feedback
Support & Feedback

On this topic, you can get support and learn all about the Komodo wallets and other applications. Provide feedback, send feature requests, and share your ideas.

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Latest update of Atomic Wallet for Android (0.58.1) fixes KMD claiming

Community twitter link to portal?

Do all posts from this community go to a community twitter account as well? This would be helpful for easily being able to follow what goes on in the portal from another application.

Embed help

@Audo Kowitz & @gcharang (@Regnar for your refererence: re update articles by commmunity with new features, linked to community boards & ecosystem)
I tried the embed post feature of the community portal on the ikomodo wordpress site. But it... (More)

Ahmed Shah
I design "ideas" and a bit content as well
Voted for Verus Agama

My phone is broken atm xD