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Subatomic Swap
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> If I understand correctly, there's a channel being opened, large amount of small back and forth continuous transactions occurs and then channel is closed. Is this correct? Why does it last half a minute then?

Yes, that's correct. The... (More)

My understanding is that it is not very fast. I had taken notes about this but now I can't find the exact numbers.

If I remember correctly trading $100 in $1 chunks would take a hour or two. You would... (More)

Shurli (Subatomic Swaps) application update - 5 July, 2020

It's been a while I provided update on Shurli.
From last update to this a lot has happened in development side of Shurli.

There hasn't been much noise in public but a consistent development progress happening everyday, where I'm testing... (More)

Official Update
Subatomic SwapShurli

Inviting testers for first PoC Subatomic Swaps App— Shurli

As per recent update (Shurli (Subatomic Swaps) application weekly update — 29 May, 2020), I think Shurli is ready to be treated as first proof of concept application for doing subatomic swaps.

At the moment, it’s still very... (More)