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RedFOX Labs
RedFOX Labs

RedFOX Labs unique build out incubator enhances proven business models by refining, customising and integrating Komodo's blockchain technology to launch market leading companies in emerging markets.

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Ahmed Shah
I design "ideas" and a bit content as well
Voted for Yes

My real passion is game dev, now I am working in blockchain I would definitely play a blockchain based game and learn more about it, meet new people and developers.

Artwork from the upcoming RedFOX blockchain game KOGS.

Don't forget to learn the game in advance of its release. 

That way, you'll be ready to slam your way to victory as soon as launch day arrives.

How to Play KOGS

KOGS Alpha Release Sign Up (+Starter Pack) You can finally register for the upcoming REDFOX mobile game and get your hands on exclusive and limited NFTs. Registrations will close by February 15th, and may close early at RedFOX labs... (More)