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Paradigm Fund is an investment firm focused on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and cryptonetworks shaping data economy and financial industry.

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Biweekly update: 8th April - 22nd April

Hello to the most hi-tech community! I'm here to share the latest update on Komodo! Time is flying... 2 weeks have passed but it seems that the Komodo team have done 10 times more than in the previous month! We... (More)

Biweekly update on Komodo by Paradigm Fund, 25th March - 8th April

Hello to all community members! I'm here to share a new Biweekly update on Komodo! Your team members always help us to chose the most relevant and valuable news for our reports! Thank you guys for being so helpful, proactive,... (More)


Biweekly update on Komodo 12th March - 25th March

Hello to the Komodo community! Thanks to the marvelous Komodo team, analysts from Paradigm fund can now share the latest updates on Komodo Platform here on the official community portal!

We've been making reports on the platform's progress since last... (More)