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Notary Nodes
Notary Nodes

Notary Nodes are servers dedicated to performing critical tasks for the Komodo ecosystem. There are a total of 64 notary nodes in Komodo’s globally-distributed network. Every year, the Komodo community holds an election to choose who will operate notary nodes.

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Binance x KomodoPlatform Trading Competition

To thank the community for their support, we have teamed up with Binance and have together committed $2500 in KMD as prizes to give away to our communities.

Promotion period: 2020/07/02 14:00 - 2020/07/09 14:00 (HKT)

Promotion rules:

- Rank... (More)

Thank you for your votes.

Thank you for everyone who participated and voted in this NN elections.

Ahmed Shah
I design "ideas" and a bit content as well

Congratulations to all the node winners.

Congrats to all the notary node winners and those who didn't made it better luck next time.

Notary Votes = Security & Growth Mylo_SH

Final day! All the best to all involved.

Please consider mylo_SH - RAjXLB2nDfy72pT5JEhwXhe9xeUgZ5Wq4D

Proposal Here:

Recent Dev:
Future Dev related to CHIPS deployments & including subatomic with the orderbook app & hyperdex updates from experience gained from... (More)