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Notary Nodes
Notary Nodes

Notary Nodes are servers dedicated to performing critical tasks for the Komodo ecosystem. There are a total of 64 notary nodes in Komodo’s globally-distributed network. Every year, the Komodo community holds an election to choose who will operate notary nodes.

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Thank you for your votes.

Thank you for everyone who participated and voted in this NN elections.

Ahmed Shah
I design "ideas" and a bit content as well

Congratulations to all the node winners.

Congrats to all the notary node winners and those who didn't made it better luck next time.

cipi Notary Node proposal

Hello everybody,

most of you already know me, i am running notary nodes since two seasons and also a lot of other servers for the Komodo ecosystem, like electrum servers and AtomicDEX nodes.

Please take a look at my proposal:... (More)

Notary Votes = Security & Growth Mylo_SH

Final day! All the best to all involved.

Please consider mylo_SH - RAjXLB2nDfy72pT5JEhwXhe9xeUgZ5Wq4D

Proposal Here:

Recent Dev:
Future Dev related to CHIPS deployments & including subatomic with the orderbook app & hyperdex updates from experience gained from... (More)