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Komodo Solutions
Komodo Solutions

Komodo Provides End-To-End Blockchain Solutions

Komodo offers fully customizable & composable blockchain solutions with the Antara framework. After you’ve launched your custom Smart Chain, you can decide whether or not to use additional services from Komodo, like Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) security, on-demand scaling with Multi-Chain Syncing, SPV server integration for mobile wallet capabilities, and integration to AtomicDEX for instant access to markets and liquidity. 

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CODEO TOKEN is a place where every user and owner of CODEO TOKEN will

get protection and guarantee of value and price so as to provide a sense of

security in the use of CODEO TOKEN, the developer creates a... (More)

WASM Smart Contracts

So much tech being optimized, it's not really visible to most people, but over the past couple of months I've been observing the really cool comments amongst developers

more than serving as an exchange this type of scripes very similar to ETH contracts, only in a more primitive way, is managed for BTC or BCH exchanges, and serves as a lock so you can secure your coins if... (More)

Tokenized BTC on Komodo Antara is like an Ethereum rollup (aka layer 2 scaling solution)

The gatewaysCC and assetsCC work in concert to tokenize bitcoin.

What are the current limitations of building such a solution?