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Komodo Ecosystem
Komodo Ecosystem

Komodo is building a foundation for an interoperable ecosystem made up of purpose-built Smart Chains. On this board, you can find updates and ask questions from the various third-party ecosystem projects.

If you would like to have your project added as a sub-topic, simply post an announcement message where you describe your project and provide relevant links. Use 'Project Announcements' topic on your post. We’ll take care of the rest. See the pinned message for more detailed information.

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John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Digital Democracy and Freedom

As one of your Ambassadors I am occasionally contacted regarding Komodo.

This happened a few days ago when I was offered the chance to talk about Komodo and tools in the Digital Democracy space.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I... (More)

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Digital Democracy - What tools does Komodo offer?

I would like to hear your thoughts about the tools that Komodo has or can provide towards Digital Democracy.

Digital Democracy seems something worthy that many of us here would like to support.

What do we as Komodo and... (More)

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