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Jobs & Bounties
Jobs & Bounties

Blockchain development is an open source effort. But that doesn’t mean meaningful contributions go uncompensated! You can receive a reward for your contributions in the form of a bounty of the work is recognized as valuable. Happy bounty hunting!

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Komodo Community Bounty Awards - January 2020

Now that it’s 2020, it is time to kick off this year’s first round of community bounty awards.

We are distributing 3000 KMD to handpicked members of the community. We will distribute an additional 3000 KMD through the Community Portal... (More)

ca333Komodo Team
Chief Technology Officer
We are looking for a skilled RUST developer to join our family!

You can earn 1777 USD worth of KMD if your referred developer ends up in the team!

November Community Awards

It's time to again honor those who made significant contributions to the Komodo project!

"November Community Awards: A New Foothold In Asia" Published on December 7th, 2019

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October 2019 community awards are here!

In September 2019, the Komodo team announced a new plan to acknowledge and reward key community contributions each month. The first community awards were announced on November 4th, in a blog post titled "Komodo Announces the First Recipients of... (More)