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Jobs & Bounties
Jobs & Bounties

Blockchain development is an open source effort. But that doesn’t mean meaningful contributions go uncompensated! You can receive a reward for your contributions in the form of a bounty of the work is recognized as valuable. Happy bounty hunting!

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CODEO TOKEN is a place where every user and owner of CODEO TOKEN will

get protection and guarantee of value and price so as to provide a sense of

security in the use of CODEO TOKEN, the developer creates a... (More)


Earn Portal Points By Hunting Komodo Media Mentions

We are collecting all Komodo media mentions under the topic 'media mentions.' The topic helps us find all Komodo media coverage, from the press to YouTube vlogs.

You can now help us keep it up-to-date!

The Process &... (More)

Official Update

Komodo Community Bounty Awards - April 2020

In this community bounty round, we will highlight many of the projects our community is working on. We would like to see more independent projects who use Komodo technology or who otherwise support the Komodo project.


There are several... (More)

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Hi @Jampang25,
As  others have mentioned there are some bounties and quizzes.  The newest quiz has just been announced here: