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James “jl777” Lee is the lead developer and the founder of Komodo Platform. He describes himself as a simple C programmer and is known for his countless innovations from delayed Proof of Work to Komodo’s atomic swap protocol. You can find him from Komodo Discord where he actively engages with the community.

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If a handful of people can change the world...

One of them would clearly be JL777. One of the smartest heads of the Blockchain !!

His visions are unique.

#Binance Launches OTC Trading Portal

Binance Launches OTC Trading Portal, but komodo offers the better and safest technology.

If you like, share my tweet or discuss it so that the crypto world will be aware of Komodo and its unique technology. komodo the next big... (More)

Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum hears about AtomicDEX for the first time...

... he is interested and asks for a technical description !!

Will the big attention come now? It would be deserved !!

Old but gold, interview with JL777

Old but gold, interview with the main developer JL777 from Komodoplatform.

A visionary with the potential to change the world, focus on decentralization.

Take a look at it...