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Introduce Yourself

Tell the community who you are and where you come from! This is a great way to get better integrated into the Komodo community.

  • What do you do inside or outside of the blockchain industry?
  • What brings you to Komodo? How did you find out about Komodo? 
  • What makes you excited about blockchain and cryptocurrencies? 
  • How do you think blockchain will change the world in the long term?
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What up everyone!

Huge fan of Komodo and I'm really excited to start getting to know everyone around the project. I'm trying to get into the discord, however, and I keep getting an error on the validation.. Can someone get me in there?... (More)



In this time of crisis, brought by the COVID19 pandemic. I am thinking, is it possible to create a Komodo Foundation, wherein those members who are willing to help any recipient/ beneficiary voted by the members themselves, we could send... (More)


Hello, i'm new member

Komodo Project Spotlight: Paro

  • Role: Yusuf Koç is Komodo’s Ambassador to Turkey and he also serves as the core developer and cofounder of Marmara Credit Loops and MarmaraCC projects. He has contributed to the Komodo ecosystem in Turkey by organizing meetings, workshops, seminars.... (More)