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There is great potential for the blockchain industry to grow through the gaming market. The gaming industry has been growing year after year and has been envisioned to be the “killer app” of blockchain. Blockchain provides key innovations such as non-fungible tokens, decentralized trading capabilities, and an ability for developers to properly monetize their creations.

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Artwork from the upcoming RedFOX blockchain game KOGS.

Don't forget to learn the game in advance of its release. 

That way, you'll be ready to slam your way to victory as soon as launch day arrives.

How to Play KOGS

Pangea Poker Release is coming soon. Decentralized Real Time Poker

People can only play head-to-head at the moment.

The team is working on making the game as fritctionless and user friendly as possible. The front-end is built with React and the game is playable from any browser.

I'm looking... (More)

KOGS Alpha Release Sign Up (+Starter Pack) You can finally register for the upcoming REDFOX mobile game and get your hands on exclusive and limited NFTs. Registrations will close by February 15th, and may close early at RedFOX labs... (More)
Roman SztergbaumKomodo Team
Software Developer & Blockchain Architect

The project is divided into 3 distinct layers:

  • The Graphics / Gaming layer contains everything needed to make a game without blockchain integration natively on the three leading existing PC platforms (Linux, OSX, and Windows). (This... (More)