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Entrepreneurship is the process of launching and running a new company. Startups typically have a new innovation or business idea that they believe will have demand on the market. Blockchain technology has the potential to empower entrepreneurs, as it erases borders and lowers the barriers to entry. Today, anyone can build a website, network online, and make global payments. In effect, the world is becoming more and more digitized and accessible, even to those in rural parts of the planet.

Start your entrepreneurial journey on Komodo today.

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Blockchain Dev Kit

Create a smart chain, connect lite wallet infrastructure & use the orderbook web app as a lite wallet whilst developing your blockchain project.

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Website for 3rd party Komodo and KMD ecosystem resources

This is my first post!

In an effort to learn more about web development and to get exposure to different programming languages and skills, I've built a website dedicated to the consolidation of Komodo and specifically KMD ecosystem resources and... (More)

Bravo Komodo!

Well done kmd team, I am impressed about the 2019 annual report and 2020 roadmap!

It's looking to become an interesting year for kmd.
Keep up the hard work, and don't forget the strong community behind it!