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Blockchain is an emerging and rapidly-developing industry with a growing demand for talented blockchain developers. Here you can discuss about possibilities and advantages of blockchain development.

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Development first ! KomodoPlatform stronger than ever before !!

ca333Komodo Team
Chief Technology Officer

Komodo Developer Hangout Livestream: AtomicDEX GUI Progress

On Sunday, Feb 16, at 18:00 UTC, several members of the Komodo Dev Team held a livestream for developers that covered updates on the AtomicDEX end-user products. The stream will discuss the general architecture and design of AtomicDEX,... (More)

The challenge of interoperability for developers.

Hi everyone,

I was in a little reflection about interoperability and its challenges despite its fundamental power. While saying that I think about combining solidity and IPFS to create digital art, Marketmaker technology of komodo bridging solidity and bitcoin based... (More)