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Developer Discussion
Developer Discussion

Stay on top of Komodo’s development and the latest advancements. The Komodo team provides information about regular technology updates here and shares progress on the latest research & development projects. Feel free to ask questions and discuss Komodo technology on this board.

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Blockchain Dev Kit

Create a smart chain, connect lite wallet infrastructure & use the orderbook web app as a lite wallet whilst developing your blockchain project.


“New World Economy” TV Program on Kanal 34

With the pandemic, the World has started feeling the “New World Economy”. While the businesses with online facilites are growing very fast, the compaines with the old century business model are simply dying or shifting to “New World... (More)

WASM Smart Contracts

So much tech being optimized, it's not really visible to most people, but over the past couple of months I've been observing the really cool comments amongst developers

IBM releases fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) toolkit!

FHE holds significant promise for a number of use cases such as extracting value from private data; data set intersection ; genomics analytics; oblivious queries (i.e. querying without revealing intent) and secure outsourcing.

FHE is particularly suited to industries... (More)