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Community Voice
Community Voice

Voice Of The Komodo Community

All content across all boards with the tag ‘idea’, ‘introduction’, ‘opportunity’ or ‘feedback’ will appear here.

  • The ‘idea’ tag can be used across all boards to share general Komodo, business, marketing, or development related ideas.
  • If you have feedback, you can share it on any board and tag it with ‘feedback’.
  • Share business, marketing, or media opportunities with the tag ‘opportunity’
  • Introduce yourself on the Community Lounge and tag your post with 'introduction'
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What up everyone!

Huge fan of Komodo and I'm really excited to start getting to know everyone around the project. I'm trying to get into the discord, however, and I keep getting an error on the validation.. Can someone get me in there?... (More)



In this time of crisis, brought by the COVID19 pandemic. I am thinking, is it possible to create a Komodo Foundation, wherein those members who are willing to help any recipient/ beneficiary voted by the members themselves, we could send... (More)


Hello, i'm new member

Only 3 days left until @KomodoPlatform Notary Node Elections 2020👏

We want to remind you that Magnum will support Vote coins distribution to all addresses along with the voting functionality

If you hold your kmd on Ledger on the date of snapshot, you will be able to vote via Magnum... (More)