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Blockchain is an emerging and rapidly-developing industry with growing interest around the world. There are countless potential and untapped business use cases for the technology. Still, mass adoption has yet to begin, as blockchain technology providers haven’t been able to offer a solution without major drawbacks – until now.

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ca333Komodo Team
Chief Technology Officer

Charles “PTYX” Gonzales Joins Komodo Business Team

Throughout its history, Komodo has been a very technology-focused project. While technological development has always moved at an incredible pace, the other aspects of the project have started to catch up.

To increase visibility, we stepped up our marketing efforts... (More)

Komodo needs more partnerships

What are the key partnerships that need to be secured by KMD to get where it wants to be? Do you have any good future partnership coming?

John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

The Intelligent Insurer - FinTech

Discussion Panel & Pitches
Tokyo, Japan
3 Oct 2019

'The Intelligent Insurer' was a surprisingly (for me) interesting and productive event put on by Tokyo FinTech and sponsored by Deloitte.

Topics ranged from tech and blockchain in the... (More)