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AtomicDEX Technology
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Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum hears about AtomicDEX for the first time...

... he is interested and asks for a technical description !!

    Will the big attention come now? It would be deserved !!

ca333Komodo Team
Chief Technology Officer

Komodo Developer Hangout Livestream: AtomicDEX GUI Progress

On Sunday, Feb 16, at 18:00 UTC, several members of the Komodo Dev Team held a livestream for developers that covered updates on the AtomicDEX end-user products. The stream will discuss the general architecture and design of AtomicDEX,... (More)

Single-Chain Platform DEX Model

Most of the other DEXes are so-called 'proxy token' exchanges. In short, that means that the users are trading IOUs. The trading itself is decentralized, but some entity holds the real-coins and issues proxy tokens (IOUs).... (More)

Community Moderator

Security after all is the biggest advantage, no need to trust any 3rd party with your coins.
Secondly anonymity, no KYC requirements unlike centralized exchanges.

These is no possibility of foul play on blockchain level, only if your wallet... (More)