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Atomic Swaps
Atomic Swaps

A Superior DEX Solution For The Blockchain Industry

Atomic swaps are secure, peer-to-peer exchanges of digital assets from one user to the other, without any middleman or intermediary. When exchanging assets via atomic swaps, you never need to give up control of your private keys, which makes trading more secure than ever before.

Unrestricted Trading Pairs. Trading pairs can exist between any two integrated assets for which a market arises.

Shared Liquidity Pool. All third-party projects that integrate to Komodo’s AtomicDEX framework share a liquidity pool.

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#Binance Launches OTC Trading Portal

Binance Launches OTC Trading Portal, but komodo offers the better and safest technology.

If you like, share my tweet or discuss it so that the crypto world will be aware of Komodo and its unique technology. komodo the next big... (More)

ca333Komodo Team
Chief Technology Officer

Komodo Developer Hangout Livestream: AtomicDEX GUI Progress

On Sunday, Feb 16, at 18:00 UTC, several members of the Komodo Dev Team held a livestream for developers that covered updates on the AtomicDEX end-user products. The stream will discuss the general architecture and design of AtomicDEX,... (More)

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Vitalik Buterin from Ethereum hears about AtomicDEX for the first time...

... he is interested and asks for a technical description !!

Will the big attention come now? It would be deserved !!