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Antara Framework
Antara Framework

Antara is a powerful framework for custom development of blockchain-based products. Each Smart Chain comes equipped with a library of built-in modules, giving developers the ability to leverage existing modules while also having the option to code fully custom modules.

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WASM Smart Contracts

So much tech being optimized, it's not really visible to most people, but over the past couple of months I've been observing the really cool comments amongst developers

Tokenized BTC on Komodo Antara is like an Ethereum rollup (aka layer 2 scaling solution)

The gatewaysCC and assetsCC work in concert to tokenize bitcoin.

What are the current limitations of building such a solution?

Coda AMA on telegram's figment networks - Komodo question

ย The response:

Komodo ($KMD) the sleeping giant

Anyone who believes that blockchain is the future and relies on solid, future-oriented technology should keep Komodo $kmd in their portfolio.