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Official Update

ChangeNOW Telegram AMA – May 2020

The AMA begins on May 28th, 4 PM UTC


Join the ChangeNOW Telegram to catch it live.

We will post our answers in the comments below.

Official Update

AMA in Binance's Main Telegram Group – February 2020

The AMA begins February 28th @ 2 PM UTC.

Join the Binance Telegram Group if you like to participate.

We can post a few of the questions in the comments below in case you missed the live AMA.

Official Update

AMA in Binance's Chinese Telegram Group

The AMA begins February 11th @ 11 PM UTC.

  1. Questions get posted in Chinese and are translated to our Team.
  2. We answer questions in English, and the answers are translated into Chinese

Join the Chinese Telegram Group if you like... (More)