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Asked a question 6 months ago

What are all the functions of Komodo coin $KMD?

besides digital tokens that are traded at exchange crypto ... What is the function of the $KMD token?

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The KMD coin is well-positioned to become the currency of the ecosystem. It already provides security to the other blockchains through Bitcoin. KMD enjoys a reputation for being secure, fast and has low fees.

KMD is also an Intermediary coin between all the other currencies and blockchains. We are the leaders in atomic swap technology, and we are also working on an interoperability solution that uses KMD.

Here are a few factors that would drive up the demand for KMD:

  1. We provide various services through KMD, such as security, scaling, and interoperability, that are paid in KMD.
  2. We position KMD as a base trading pair for Atomic Swaps. KMD pairs get a 10% discount on trading fees.
  3. A big ecosystem means a strong coin; the more businesses adopt our technology, the more adoption, and visibility KMD will get.
  4. We are researching the possibility of developing crypto-backed derivatives and algorithmic stable coin solutions that would lock KMD out of circulation.