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Devi ana
College student Cryptocurrency ,Blockchain
Asked a question 6 months ago

One thing that hasn't been able to convince the world about Blockchain. How KOMODO Convince the World so that all countries accept KOMODO's presence in real life, an example of the State Bank ?

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I think to reach bigger adoption people need a solution for a hair-on-fire-problem. When the financial system collapses big time, people have a hair-on-fire-problem and blockchain/crypto will be there unharmed. That will create the real mass adoption.

Now we are the underdog and that is a great position. Slowly, but steady building all the platforms and tool, not too much on governments radar. And when we are really needed we are ready! 

All requires a process, in my opinion the first step is public introduction, then the KOMODO TEAM will develop and convince, because in the future Blockchain will definitely replace traditional money and types of offline investment, due to the sophistication of the program.

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Asked a question 6 months ago
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