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Devi ana
College student Cryptocurrency ,Blockchain
Asked a question 6 months ago

Is the Komodo community portal will release a version of the APP, so that many features can be added. for example STICKER, GAME, DAPP and others ?

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John RAmbassador
Project Liaison | Ambassador

Hi Devi ana,
If anyone wants to make those apps on top of Komodo we have many tools.

Hey Devi,

We are indeed looking to extend the portal with new features. That is something we would do later this year. Right now, our focus is to get the structure right and learn about how we want to use the portal.

My hunch is that integrating a blockchain layer into the portal wouldn't be practical for security reasons. At least first, we would be adding more standard features that increase the usability and value the portal gives.

I think having blockchain technology to be part of the portal is a much longer-term goal. However, it sure would be cool to have a wallet, and blockchain enforced voting functions on the portal.