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Asked a question 2 months ago

This community is comprised of various people from different nations, culture, and language. Can we have segregation of languages so that other languages will not intermix with English? That is to make the boards easier to browse and read. It's my suggestion that there should be boards exclusively for English language, for Chinese, Spanish, Filipino, Russian, etc. That is if you like the idea. If not, then let's make the portal all pure English and no other languages. Is doing this suggestion good or not?

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I totally agree.

Information should be available to everyone. For everyone, information should be easy to understand.

So one of these ways is to distribute information in your own language.


That would be the right decision.

Community Moderator

Yes, i have suggested it to the team before, at least now I am not alone ;) 

Hey kissmarx, thanks for the input!

Before launch, we briefly discussed having multilingual boards and translating the portal. We decided to start with just English and see how much demand there is for other languages.

Our main concern was that we create all these language boards, and then they are all empty with no interaction. It is kind of the situation we currently have on our Discord language channels.

We are going to keep monitoring the situation and activity on the portal and will act accordingly.

I think the best solution would be to launch specific language boards in collaboration or partnership with local universities, allowing their students to interact with their native language.

I think that keeping open multilingual boards can be done but only with incentive to moderators of mother language, the problem IMHO is that people want to talk with the original moderators because they know more or at least that is their belief, so the portal would need very motivated and prepared people that can really answer to the relative community from a knowledgable position.

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