We want to thank everyone who participated in the Komodo Community Portal Launch bounty campaign. We had over 500 participants and 9400 entries, with an average of 18.8 lottery tickets per participant!

We value the opinions of our community, and we received a lot of content and helpful feedback. The Community Portal will be much improved as a result of user contributions, which means newcomers will feel comfortable right off the bat. After compiling all of the submissions, here are the winners of the 50 KMD prizes from the bounty campaign.


Winner of the 777 KMD Grand Prize

- Risnawati

Congratulations to everyone who has earned a bounty! We will reach out to you directly via an email to request your KMD address. Reply to the message with your KMD address, and we will send you the KMD. The payments will be made in batches. Every Sunday, we will send the KMD to the addresses we have received from your email address.

Thanks again for all the support. Stay tuned for our next bounty campaign, which is coming soon! 


You have one month to claim your reward. Rewards that are not claimed within one month will be added for the next month’s community awards.

Transparency Notice:

The winners were drawn by Gleam.io. Gleam automatically uses Random.org to draw winners. For more information, please read their documentation. https://gleam.io/docs/competitions/drawing-winners