I think that people cannot understand how big and advanced Komodo is, the complexity of its ecosystem is frightening, the possibilities are never-ending but this is like scaring people from getting involved, tribalism is very strong in crypto so even that is to account for.

The marketing campaign, in my opinion, did not get the result all of us were hoping for, other coins projects' are offering so much less and getting so much more attention because of false promises and because of better-structured approach to the public audience, having the most incredible product is not enough to sell it.

Komodo is making a great effort to make known that komodo is not a privacy coin related to its origins anymore, it can do marvels in any field imaginable because its developers are so great and innovative and fast too but even with a community of great fans and faithful following, KMD struggles to get where it belongs, among the first 20 cryptos globally.


Komodo needs a new wallet, with a good graphic appeal and simplified approach to tools implemented, 99% of people buying crypto don't know the difference between a bit and a byte so imagine what they know about blockchain matter.

A killer app, for example, one that gives away KMD for activities, something like sweatcoin with millions of users trying to walk a lot to get some prize, maybe crypto or gadgets, the devs would get an income for their work from the advertising on the app.

What do you think can be done to get more attention to this fabulous project?