It's Friday again, which means it's time for another weekly wrap-up. Let's take a look back at what happened over the last seven days.

Komodo x DIVI Crypto Podcast

Komodo CTO Kadan ‘ca333’ Stadelmann sat down for a superb interview with Nick Saponaro, the CIO of DIVI. They discuss Komodo's technology with respect to DEX technologies and atomic swaps, the history of Komodo's development, and the future of the Blockchain market.

Listen to the podcast here.


Media Mention

One of Turkey's largest coin news websites published an article about Komodo with the headline 'Why Komodo?'. We would like to thank Prof. Dr. B. Gültekin Çetiner of MarmaraChain for giving the interview!

The article is in Turkish but Google Translate will do its work!

Read more here.

Komodo’s Bitcoin Pizza Day Campaign

We had some good pizza submissions for our Bitcoin Pizza Day tag campaign. We have collected and summarized all entries. You can see the winners here.


The Komodo Team was invited to an AMA in the ChangeNOW Telegram group yesterday. If you were not able to attend, we have posted a summary of the AMA questions and answers for you here.


AtomicDEX Developer Sergey Boyko completed a key contribution to AtomicDEX! Thanks to Sergey we now have a new essential data metrics collection feature with Prometheus integration!

Read more here.

Combined with Grafana it enables beautiful and expressive visualizations of the data traffic: 


The AtomicDEX Dev team released version 0.2.16 for AtomicDEX mobile. The new version contains among other things changes in the DEX core, information when starting the app, an MM2 validation, and the activation of new coins were improved.

Download AtomicDEX for iOS here.

Download AtomicDEX for Android here.


Weekly Summary of active devs on the Komodo codebase 


In last 7 days - 16 

In last 1 month - 44 

In last 3 months - 65 

In last 6 month - 79 

In last 1 year - 99



Shurli (Subatomic Swaps)

The Development of Shurli is in full swing and Komodo developer Satinder Grewal posted a great development update about what happened in the last two weeks.

Read more here.



CryptoRich interviewed Michael Toutonghi, Lead Dev at Veruscoin and they talked about how VRSC could be used for COVID-19 contact tracing in a way that protects the privacy and Veruscoin's testnet that allows you to create your own cryptocurrencies.

Watch the interview here.



The PirateChain released the public beta of the world’s first Z to Z-only Mobile Wallet dubbed Skull Island. Sailor +DreamTim wrote about it on the community portal.

Furthermore, Kaks published an explainer video on how to export your private keys on Ghostship OS.

Watch it here.



HUSH's new HushChat entered the closed alpha testing. HushChat is an end-to-end encrypted z2z messenger platform on SilentDragon wallet. HUSH will soon release it for the public.

Sneak Peak:


Komodo continued with its Blockchain Fundamentals content series this week with one new interconnected article.


The article is about Merkle Trees. If you’re involved in the world of blockchain, you may have come across the phrase "Merkle Tree" before. While Merkle trees are not a widely-understood concept, they’re also not terribly complicated. This post will explain Merkle trees in plain English and help you understand how they make blockchain technology possible.

Read the full article here.


Thanks for reading. Stay safe, stay healthy.