Another week has passed and we have summarized for you the most important events of the week.

Prof. Dr. B. Gültekin Çetiner, the founder of MarmaraChain (a Komodo Smart Chain project) was live on TV on Kanal34 that was sponsored by Komodo. The TV show was in Turkish, but the MarmaraChain team will work on a translation and will upload it on Youtube. 

Watch the video in Turkish here.


Komodo CTO Kadan Stadelmann spoke with Benjamin Pirus from Cointelegraph about the risks of trading on a mobile DEX.

"I don’t think that the risk to a mobile DEX is necessarily higher than that of a DEX accessed through another medium. The risk would vary depending on the user’s device, OS [operating system], version, etc.," says Kadan.   

Read more here. 


Komodo Business Developer Charles ‘PTYX’ Gonzalez sat down for an excellent interview with Trading Plex. Charles describes Komodo's technology, explains the main purposes of Antara Framework and Delayed PoW (dPoW), and how AtomicDEX and its technology is changing the rules of the game.

Watch the full interview here. 



The komodo development team is working hard to implement the features requested by the community. Stay tuned!



It gives us great pleasure to see that students from the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) are developing projects for a university course with Komodo.

In 2018, Komodo established an educational relationship with the University of Texas at Arlington. In 2019 Komodo sponsored an educational hackathon in cooperation with HackUTA. The course, taught by Dr. Sajib Datta, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Strategic Advisor for Komodo Platform, attracted 34 students over two semesters.

Read more here.



The HUSH team changed some of its Wallet encryption to Blake3. This change allows nearly 15x faster sending, startup encryption, and close encryption. Furthermore, HUSH Chat development is ongoing and the HUSH team has added some goodies like emoji’s to the HushChat.



Komodo continued with its Blockchain Fundamentals content series this week with one new interconnected article.

The article is about the Scrypt Mining Algorithm. In this article, we explore why Scrypt was invented and how the algorithm has been used by prominent blockchain projects. We will then assess its current effectiveness compared to other Proof of Work consensus algorithms.

Read the full article here.



Thanks for reading and stay safe & healthy!