This is my first post!

In an effort to learn more about web development and to get exposure to different programming languages and skills, I've built a website dedicated to the consolidation of Komodo and specifically KMD ecosystem resources and proof of concepts.

I've seen a lot of really cool proof of concept applications being made in Discord and they unfortunately do not get much exposure beyond their specific channel. The nature of Discord also means that after a day or two those resources are lost among the on going chats. So I've made this attempt at capturing those resources and giving people a one stop shop to check out some of the cool things being built by ecosystem developers. 


Here's the links to the website:


Don't mind the first link not having https, as I said I'm still learning and trying to figure out https with GoDaddy domains on Heroku. The second link is the exact same page, with https.


Some new features I've recently added (so there may be bugs) is a referral form for you to refer experts or business contacts who may have an interest in Komodo or specific Antara Modules. The goal is to get some referrals that I can pass along to the team so they can do a more focused outreach and get eyes on Komodo. You can leave fields blank if you don't know, but definitely attempt to fill in Linkedin and the reason for the referral.

I just added the new Lazy-Loading feature of HTML. This was added to native HTML less than a month ago, and makes my site significantly lighter weight to visit. 


Feel free to give me some feedback and let me know if you have any other cool resources that I've missed and should be up there.