Dear Komodo community! 

The Voting for the Komodo Notary Elections has begun today.

If you were holding some KMD in your wallet on the 12th of April,(Agama,Verus Desktop,Komodo Ocean,Ledger or Trezor), you have been airdropped some VOTE2020  tokens to your Komodo address.

You can use these to Vote tokens to send for your preferred candidate(s) voting address in the yearly election.

A Notary Node  is a core part of the Komodo Ecosystem doing the Delayed Proof of Work (dPow) for the Komodo blockchain and other 3rd party blockchains.


How to send the tokens?

The next release of Verus Desktop wallet will support VOTE2020 in the coming days

From CLI or Komodo Ocean, start the chain and import your KMD private key: 

komodod -ac_public=1 -ac_name=VOTE2020 -ac_supply=123651638 -addnode=

From Ledger / Trezor : or


I hope you find this little information useful, and let me grab the opportunity to ask you to read my proposal and give a vote for me if you feel I deserve it.


The full list of candidates and the voting's current status can be seen here thanks to @chmex


The voting period will last until May 4, 2020. The newly-elected Notary Node Operators will be announced on May 11.

Read more about the election:


Thank you for your attention, and I wish good luck to everyone.