Verus released it's testnet, featuring easy liquid currency launches with Kickstarter-like minimums or refund, multi-currency pre-launch participation, pre-launch pricing discounts, pre-conversion launch carveouts for launch costs, price neutral launch pre-allocations, and the worlds first any-in, any-out, self-pricing baskets with anti-front running, simultaneous aggregated conversions. This is the first conversion technology we are aware of in the world that includes aggregation of multi-currency conversions in all directions of a multi-currency basket simultaneously, with all transactions in both directions getting the same price, no spread whatsoever.

To let people experience currency launches as well as easy, in-wallet, decentralized currency conversion, we have prepared a few test currencies, all of which have no actual value, but can be sent to anyone running a VRSCTEST wallet. We have also pre-launched a few 100% backed multi-reserve currencies, so you can try out what its like to send a transaction in one currency and have it arrive in another, to yourself or anyone, all through this fully decentralized protocol.