The Verus VRSC listing on WhiteBIT is active as of 10:00am UTC 10.07.2020.


The first marketpair available is VRSC/BTC, with the pairs VRSC/ETH, VRSC/EUR (fiat), VRSC/USD (fiat) and VRSC/RUB (fiat) being implemented shortly.


HELP support the foundation and use the foundation referral: to create a account on WhiteBIT for 0 trading fee on VRSC/BTC from 10.07.2020 to 24.07.2020.


Let's pull together and make this exchange listing a succes story.


Get to know WhiteBIT exchange!


Demo Token Trading Competition (total prize money 1BTC)

Token Competitions


Giveaway and more.


With the fiat on-/of-ramp that WhiteBIT provides it will be easier for new and existing users to onboard Verus without shifting various Crypto assets between exchanges first, lowering the treshold for the onboard process and potentially growing adoption.