Conference Report - Tokyo, Japan

5 Oct 2019

UNBLOCK Tokyo was a day-long blockchain conference in Tokyo kicking off the start of Japan Blockchain Week. There were great opportunities for speaking with some of the more interesting presenters.

UNBLOCK Tokyo - Discussion Panel
UNBLOCK Tokyo - Discussion Panel

Here are some of the general takeaways:

  • Most projects building on Ethereum aren't happy with it as a platform
    • One of the projects told me that although not happy they wouldn't be moving anytime soon for financial reasons
    • Dapper Labs, of CryptoKitties fame, has had to create their own blockchain (FLOW) in an attempt to overcome ETH shortcomings
  • There was a full presentation on one project's continuing quest to create a Decentralized Trustless Oracles (DTO)
    • This presentation received a great deal of interest
    • Komodo has had a DTO and another form of Oracle in production use for over a year (Komodo DTO)
  • IBM mentioned their interest in a blockchain standards consortium
  • We received an invitation from the organizer to participate in Indonesia Blockchain Week (INBLOCK)
  • Spoke with a few non-Japanese exchanges on possibility of listing Komodo Ecosystem projects at a group rate

A very informative and productive conference with this just touching on some of the highlights.