Build the future of the blockchain industry together with Komodo and a vast community of contributors. Komodo is built on the principles of open source technologies, aimed at creating a collaborative and innovative ecosystem.

All projects launched with Komodo technology are interoperable with one another, and any future innovations Komodo or the ecosystem publishes are freely available. All new coins are also automatically compatible with Komodo’s industry-leading atomic swap technology.

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Get started on Komodo

Join one of the most active open source blockchain ecosystems.

  1. Read our comprehensive documentation to get up to speed with what Komodo has to offer.
  2. Customize a new Smart Chain to fit your needs with the Antara Composer and deploy it within minutes.
  3. Contact Komodo service providers & consultants if you have questions or you need assistance.

Follow Komodo Ecosystem Projects

All registered projects on Komodo are welcome to create a project overview & announcement post and to post their news & updates to this board.

You can filter the board to only show content related to a particular project. Alternatively, you may browse the news and updates from all the projects and filter out the normal conversation.

Let Komodo Community Know About Your Project

We can feature your project's topic on this board, so it becomes easier for the community to engage in discussion with you. You may also ask the Komodo marketing team to review substantial news or announcement, and it might get shared through the Komodo marketing channels.

How to get featured on 'Komodo Ecosystem' board

  1. Post your project announcement to this board using the 'discussion' content type. Tag the post with the 'Project Announcements' topic.
  2. Please fill out a form to let our team know about the new announcement post.
  3. We will feature your project on this board as soon as we can and add you to a private Discord channel.

Sharing your project news or update

Note that you have to be using this portal to do this. Fill out the form to get your project on the board.

  1. Use the topic 'News & Updates' on your post. Please only use the topic in your message when the content is newsworthy. Frequent low-quality posts would bury the announcements of other projects.
  2. Remember to add other relevant topics to your post, such as your project topic.

Ask Komodo for marketing help

Note that you have to be using this portal to do this. Fill out the form to get your project on the board.

  1. If you have noteworthy news, you can reach out to the Komodo Marketing team and see if we can share your story through some of our channels.
  2. Contact us through the private Discord channel we have invited you to.
  3. We will either approve or decline the request.
  4. It would be best if you committed to also publishing the news or announcement on our Komodo Community Portal.


Disclaimer: We maintain the right to remove a project from our community portal at any time without prior notice when we detect suspicious activity, or we receive scam accusations or any other complaints from our community. Team members of a project must always have appropriate behavior and respect towards others. Breaking Komodo community guidelines may result in the removal of a project from this board.