To the AtomicDEX Team ++,


The hard work you are putting in to find solutions for problems that no others have been able to overcome is inspiring.  What you are working on has the potential to change the world.  


I quite often think of the inconvenience, restrictions and dangers of dealing with centralized exchanges (CEX) when the benefits of AtomicDEX come to mind.  For many though, they don't even have the option of these problems.


The empowerment that your creation offers the 'un-exchanged' is enormous. This technology will allow millions around the world that don't have access to banking, let alone centralized exchanges, access to a worldwide economy.  


With the further development of decentralized lending and adoption of crypto-currencies, AtomicDEX goes a long way towards making these services available to the people who could so greatly benefit.  Truly life changing matters here.


I'm picturing an Eritrean farmer buying seeds for next years crop, or a central American craftsman selling goods.  The currency they deal in virtually becomes a non-issue.


Please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated and will be even more so in the future.


Thank you!

Development Team ++

  • Kadan Stadelmann – Chief Technology Officer
  • James Lee – Core Developer, Founder
  • Artem Pikulin – Senior Software Developer
  • Artem Grinblat - Senior Software Developer & DEX Engineer
  • Yuri Khiznichenko - Full Stack Developer & Frontend Engineer
  • Mateus Rodrigues Costa - Full Stack Developer & Frontend Expert
  • Tolga Ay (Naezith) – Developer & Blockchain Architect
  • Roman Sztergbaum – Software Developer & Blockchain Architect
  • Many others involved in support, testing and development (TonyL, gcharang, smk762, Cipi, Oszy...)
  • And of course the users, who realize the potential and put up with the difficulties that come with early adoption