The Komodo Development team is happy to release a new alpha version of AtomicDEX-PRO!


Here is the changelog:




  • Add EIP-55 ETH address features
  • Add recover_funds feature
  • Add DGB
  • Add linux bundle
  • Add the backend for exporting swap for .csv
  • Add toggle_max (withdraw)




  • Fixing open logs folder depending on platform
  • Fix a crash when the answer from Coinpaprika was empty
  • Fix order_receive_modal_size
  • Fix viewing seed
  • Fix receive modal address was not changing
  • Fix erc address wasn't pasting
  • Clearing the result when QT modal is close
  • Win bundle include vcpkg deps
  • Fix bundling path
  • Fix input was resetting to max balance on rel ticker change




  • More readable error message
  • Dust balance coins are not listed anymore at DEX in base list
  • Show 'no transactions' only for ETH and ERC-20
  • Unblock send & claim rewards buttons at loading
  • Blocking send button for 0 balance coins
  • Upgrade the MM2 version used
  • Change log filename to the current date (Multiple logs file are now supported)
  • Improving ci tooling
  • Disable console in release (windows)
  • Remove vote2020 token




Happy testing!