Hi everyone, 

I was in a little reflection about interoperability and its challenges despite its fundamental power. While saying that I think about combining solidity and IPFS to create digital art, Marketmaker technology of komodo bridging solidity and bitcoin based chains, loom building a layer2/bridge for binance, Ethereum, Tron and maybe bitcoin. These kind of projects require knowing impressive amount of different language, libraries and other element of the technology. 

Sometimes I find my self imagining AtomicDex bridging more and more protocol. But I always end up thinking "Damn surely not that simple to just integrate other blockchain techs.. -_-".

An other example, I'm starting to study solidity programming and i already have a little idea of what I'd like to build after the basic course. Only 5 day in the think around this idea and i already count 5-6 different tools, techs, etc.. on my list. For sure its one of the basics of programming, you have code that feed in code that feed in more code and life goes on haha. Still I find it impressive to see developers tackling this challenge. 

Here my thoughts, now let me know you experiences, corrections and opinions!