Tokyo Tech Startups - Tokyo, Japan
30 Jan 2020

A very productive event with the three main presentations on products that could find use from Komodo technologies. 

  1. an indoor 'GPS' system from Marvelmind Robotics.  Komodo tech has been used to stream GPS data onto Smart Chains in KMDLabs, with making a Proof of Concept in the form of DragonHound, a blockchain-based GPS tracking system.  An automated, indoor-drone using their system with data streamed to a permissioned Smart Chain seems like a real possibility (think warehouse, hazardous environments, etc).
  2. Credify presented on their Composite ID (CriD).  Their CEO has a good knowledge of Komodo and their system is platform agnostic.
  3. Holotch showed off their 'holographic' video setup.  The latest Komodo tech being tested in #ask-jl777, DEXP2P, may prove useful to them as it matures, along with the ability to stream to Smart Chains.
British Embassy presenting their startup program
British Embassy presenting their startup program

What are some of your ideas on how and what Komodo features could benefit these projects?  If you have something good I can follow up on that idea with them.