In last two weeks, there's been few updates to Shurli at UI/UX end and backend code.

  • The order list page is showing updated coin selection and order details info cards
  • Order place page now shows more refined information and refined information when composing order, which also reflects on ongoing swap status page.
  • Subatomic Swaps logging updated to log bit more relevant data to order to it's raw logs.
  • Trading history now renders better from the raw logs on Trading history page.
  • Shurli now also verifies if the configured coins are setup correctly comparing address validation compared to the DEX blockchain, and informs user if something is wrong.
  • Shurli's configuration file also updated to store DEX parameters required to start DEX smart chain with DEXP2P network, so user doesn't has to start the smart chain manually. Shurli will start and stop the DEX smart-chain using the configured parameters as the Shurli application launches and closes.

{    "subatomic_exe": "./subatomic",    "subatomic_dir": "/Users/satinder/repositories/jl777/komodo/src",    "dex_nSPV": "1",    "dex_addnode": "",    "dex_pubkey": "03_YOUR_PUBKEY_FROM_DEX",    "dex_handle": "SET_YOUR_HANDLE_FOR_SUBATOMIC",    "dex_recvzaddr": "YOUR_PIRATE_PRIVATE_ADDRRESS",    "dex_recvtaddr": "YOUR_KMD_PUBLIC_ADDRRESS" }

  • It is also now possible to start Shurli as a backend process like a system daemon service, with command like `./shurli start` which starts the application and DEX smart-chain as a backend system process. Instructions for these are updated on Shurli's Github repository.
Starting Shurli as backend process
Starting Shurli as backend process
  • Added `Makefile` so that it's easy to compile, start, clean, and make release build. Instructions for using `make` commands are updated on Shurli's Github repository.

Further Development:

  • From last week I explored the idea of making a native cross-platform code for Shurli. For that I tested my initial setup with programming language stack of:
    • Flutter/Dart - For creating cross-platform compatible UI/UX, which allows coding single code for making native applications for Desktop, Mobile and Web.
    • Go language
    • Hover: - (cross-platform Flutter Desktop engine, a Go/GLFW embedder for Flutter, to bring your app to the desktop)

My preliminary tests shows positive results on the stack and I'm in the process of moving the user interface part to Flutter/Dart + Hover stack, with which I'll be using existing Go language code via Hover.

It may take me about 2-3+ weeks to port current UI to new stack. The advantage would be better application performance due to native application compiled code for Mac/Linux/Windows/iOS/Android/Web.

Once this code is ported to Flutter/Golang stack I can move to next phase of application feature such as making multiple Subatomic trades with minimal inputs, which also involves other moving parts the be coded to achieve this goal.

Shurli's Github Repository: