Privacy 2.0 Summit
Tokyo, Japan
13-14th Oct 2019

October was a busy month with Japan Blockchain Week being held from the 7th to 15th.  Many big names passed through Tokyo on their way to and from Devcon 5 in Osaka (8-11 Oct).

One of the last big events of the week was the Privacy 2.0 Summit in the Ginza, Tokyo.  A powerful typhoon caused the event to be extended over 2 days and some of the speakers weren't able to attend as a result.

Due to such a cancellation I was able to participate in one of the discussion panels.  Twenty minutes notice isn't a lot of time to prepare but with the support of some of the Komodo Team things went well.  Komodo and its Ecosystem have such a strong background in privacy that there is a lot that can be talked about.

Privacy 2.0 Summit - Tokyo, Japan
Privacy 2.0 Summit - Tokyo, Japan

These are the main points covered on stage:


  • basic facts
  • stepping stone to future business tech use cases (some FinTech people were present)

Smart Chains

  • very easy to create chains and choose the level of privacy (no z, t and z, z only)


  • all zk-SNARKS transactions
  • largest anon set of all crypto
  • mobile, z-tx wallet in closed beta
  • working towards 'Holy Grail' of mobile, lite, atomic swap, z-txs wallet

The conference was a good chance to meet both Japan-based and overseas people and projects with an interest in privacy.   The privacy crowd generally had some knowledge of Komodo, and they left with quite a bit more.