Final day!  All the best to all involved.

Please consider mylo_SH - RAjXLB2nDfy72pT5JEhwXhe9xeUgZ5Wq4D

Proposal Here:

Recent Dev:
Future Dev related to CHIPS deployments & including subatomic with the orderbook app & hyperdex updates from experience gained from orderbook.

Coin community version: &


Code commentary coming.


Orderbook App 100% open source example application with atomicDEX API. It is composed of 4 parts like many web applications:

  1. Backend (Marketmaker/AtomicDEX)
  2. Middleware Server (interface to backend)
  3. Middleware Client (library that links front end to backend)
  4. Front End (the GUI that uses the client library to talk to the backend and get thigns done)