I found my way in the blockchain when I was looking for decentralization because I was very afraid that the dollar will collapse again and there will be a great crisis and when I searched more and more I discovered that many people in the great crisis of a few years ago were the best moments for many people who literally made millions which is why I think Bitcoin is my destiny since it is something that increasingly takes more value and in about 5-10 years just having 1 Bitcoin you will have a lot of money and I know that everything is not the money also the blockchain offers anonymity, avoids third parties and many more things I love that so yeah lets make this more great and there are many many good projects like Komodo which is one of the favorites of the crypto community which in my experience as an investor I think will grow a lot in the coming months / years (I found out about Komodo when it was listed in one of the best exchange of the moment "Binance").