Komodo is an open, composable Smart Chain platform that provides projects with the same benefits as a traditional smart contract platform while giving you complete control over your blockchain architecture. Sign-up to the Komodo Core services to receive security, scalability, and interoperability benefits.

Technology Features & Benefits

Komodo is the platform layer of the technology stack. Written in C, the Komodo Platform layer is the base upon which all other technologies and features are built.

  • An Open Platform: Unlike other blockchain platforms, there is no vendor lock in on the Komodo Platform. Third-party projects are never forced to pay platform taxes or gas fees.
  • Composable Solutions: Komodo offers customizable, purpose-built Smart Chains that support custom apps. All blockchain-based apps use only the resources they need and you can scale out on demand.
  • Multi-Chain Architecture: Each project that builds with Komodo’s technology receives an independent blockchain with its own consensus rules, network, and coin. Transaction fees are paid in each chain’s native coin.
  • Flexible Technology Tools: From security and scalability features to an integration layer with an open API and a series of white label products, Komodo offers everything needed to build the perfect blockchain solution.

Objectives & Roadmap 2020

  • Code Hardening: Drive performance upgrades, security audits, fixing vulnerabilities, and patching bugs.
  • Integrate New Features: Evaluate and add experimental Komodo technologies to unlock new use cases
  • dPoW 2.0 Development: Drive performance upgrades, security audits, fixing vulnerabilities, and patching bugs.

Learn more from Komodo Roadmap 2020

Komodo Platform Services

Blockchain Security as a Service

A Second-Layer Consensus Mechanism that provies blockchains with Bitcoin-level security.

Komodo’s delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) security protects every integrated blockchain with the power of the Bitcoin network. A series of cross-chain notarizations make leveraging Bitcoin’s hash rate possible.

  • Decentralized: Komodo’s globally-distributed network of 64 community-elected Notary Nodes perform the technical work required for dPoW to function. Each dPoW-protected chain's network approves notarizations.
  • Battle-Tested: dPoW is currently securing over 30 production blockchains, protecting several hundred million dollars in value. dPoW has successfully defended against real 51% attack attempts.
  • Accessible: dPoW security is available for all UTXO-based blockchains, whether or not they were created with Komodo’s technology. Annual fees are marginal compared to the level of security provided.

Smart Chain Clustering

On-demand linear scale-out solution for projects in need of high-level throughput.

  • On-Demand Scaling: If one Smart Chain does not provide sufficient throughput, additional Smart Chains can be added and tethered to the first chain to boost performance.
  • Constant Coin Supply: An innovative burn protocol holds coin emissions constant while increasing throughput linearly with each additional Smart Chain added to the cluster.
  • Limitless Scalability: There’s no limit to the number of chains that can exist in a Smart Chain cluster. Every project on Komodo can scale out independently with no constraints.

Cross-Chain Interoperability

Cross-chain communication service for an interconnected ecosystem

Similar to the delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) security mechanism, these cross-chain notarizations are performed using the OP_RETURN command, which allows a small string of data to be written into a blockchain’s ledger when a transaction is made.

All Smart Chains can send and receive information about transactions, blocks, and on-chain data, such as state changes, through an open API.

Development Team

  • Kadan Stadelmann – Chief Technology Officer
  • James Lee – Core Developer, Founder
  • Decker SU - Core Developer, Blockchain Architect
  • Mihail Fedorov, Blockchain Engineer, dPoW Expert