• Role: Yusuf Koç is Komodo’s Ambassador to Turkey and he also serves as the core developer and cofounder of Marmara Credit Loops and MarmaraCC projects. He has contributed to the Komodo ecosystem in Turkey by organizing meetings, workshops, seminars. His future plan is to create a better Komodo platform in Turkey by establishing a Turkish Komodo team.
  • Background: As a "Cyber Security Expert" for  20 years, Paro has improved his experiences and qualifications in this direction and continues to do so today. He entered the world of blockchain in 2017 and he is now quite eager to get more involved with blockchain technologies. In 2018, Paro started to develop "Marmara Credit Loops" project with Prof. Dr. B. Gültekin Çetiner and Komodo’s Lead Dev James ‘jl777’ Lee. Then, he also began the role of Turkish ambassador with Komodo.
  • Discord ID: Paro#7842 (150437093879840768)
Yusuf KOÇ, Komodo and MCL.
Yusuf KOÇ, Komodo and MCL.

The Komodo Platform was my first step for blockchain technology development. I have learned a lot in this area and have found many opportunities to improve myself. For the Marmara Credit Loops project, we developed the first "Post-dated check" system based on blockchain technology in the world. 

Marmara Credit Loops is a system established to solve the challenge of non-redemption, the greatest problem for post-dated cheques in the world economy. It is the first in the world as an open source project and we have more development ideas related to it. 

The blockchain industry continues to grow further, thanks to the Komodo Platform. I am honored and proud to be a part of this project. 


~Paro - Yusuf KOÇ 

Marmara Credit Loops Founder